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Pam has been teaching private and group dog obedience for over 20 years. Her vast experience in dog training includes puppy and dog obedience, personal protection, special skills training, temperament evaluations, and correcting behavior problems. Pam is a certified dog trainer and graduate of The Assistance Dog Institute in Rohnert Park California. In 2006 she moved from Niagara Falls Canada to Florida and has since continued her dog training and worked  with Lake City Humane Society, and North Florida Animal Rescue in training, rescue and adoptions.  In 2012 she founded Covenant Pet Trust Inc. a registered 501c3 Nonprofit Organization located in Lake City Florida where she remains the Founding Director.  Her apprenticeships with professional trainers in Georgia, California, North Dakota, and Puerto Rico has allowed her to compile invaluable training techniques to share with you. Pam has the experience and dedication to make your relationship with your pet succeed. Her experience in obedience training and temperament assessments will help you to make your relationship with your pet the best it can be.  With Pam's help you can teach your dog to turn lights on and off, assist you with limited mobility,  or simply to be a great member of your family.  Call today for your free evaluation!  ​386-288-3948

About the Trainer

Pam Taylor taught employment skills to developmetally delay adults in our Animal Care Assistant Skills Program for Community Living Pt. Colborne.  Pam was an exceptional teacher.  She is very respectful of her students.  Pam was creative in organizing and modifying curriculum so it could be understood by all of her students.  The students that completed the program have grown in their self confidence and become productive employees within their communities.

Julie Holmes, Employment Services Program Cordinator

I requested Pam Taylor's help in training my dog in basic obedience and manners around my house.  My priority was to teach my dog sam not to escape through the open door and run  away.  Pam is very knowledgeable and always found creative and humane ways to achieve my training goals.  I would highly recommend Pam, she knows her stuff!

Milo Castro, Hollywood, Florida


Pam helped us to be able to teach Reggie obedience and some really awesome tricks.  We had so much fun and Reggie did too! Wtih Pam's help Reggie has become a well behaved boy.  Oh yeah, and his "pray and play dead dog"  trick is the life of the party.

Thanks so much Pam!

Michelle, Belle, & Reggie

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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