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Two years ago, I adopted two little rescue Maltese puppies, both from abusive backgrounds.  The little boy came around from his past relatively quickly; however, the little girl, Lacey, has been considerably more difficult.  With much love and patience, she has come a long way in her trust of humans and her confidence.  The one hurdle that I had not been able to overcome is her leash training.  For the two years I had had her, I had been trying to get her to walk, but she would just lay down and shake when a leash was put on her.  Since I hadn’t been able to rectify this problem, I called Pam Taylor of K9 Professor to enlist her help and to tap into her vast knowledge of dog training.  The first day I took my precious pooch for an evaluation, she was patient and concerned for my little one.  By the end or our first training session Pam had Lacey walking on her leash for short distances.  Each time we went for a session, Pam would instruct me about what to do and demonstrate the procedures to use to help Lacey along.  I took only three or four sessions and Lacey was walking on her leash, and now, she walks like a pro.  She’s still a little reticent having the leash put on her, but she’s the first one to the gate to be let out to walk.  We are very lucky to have Pam Taylor in our town.  Not only does she have wealth of knowledge in dog training, but she is compassionate and really cares about the animals.  I feel that I have gained a helper and a friend in Pam.​​

​Susan Kirkland, Lake City Florida


8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Monday - Saturday

Closed Sunday

​   By appointment

Located in Lake City Florida

E Mail:

Tel:  386-755-4364



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